Want to feel more joy? Start in your heart. (Try this self-love ritual for Virgo new-mooning.)


Accept. Receive. Agree. Say yes.

Are you ladies ready for a Virgo New Moon?

She’s a magical mama, a queen of the earth who’s true to her soul, and she’s the perfect muse for the light-shining women bent set on offering their service to the world.

Here’s why:

Virgo energy is all about seeing and then unconditionally embracing what’s really going on in your life, while at the same time holding onto the vision of who you are to become.

Self-love + vision = a juicy new moon window.

I personally work with the moon cycles in my life and business because I’m a woman and it’s in my DNA to ritualize the hoo-haa out of everything. Creating magic from the mundane is just what we do without even thinking about it.

So, it only goes to say that when we DO place attention + intention on something we’re already naturally doing, we are powerful forces of creation, capable of anything our hearts’ desire!

Of course, it’s nothing new. Throughout all of time, the moon has always pulsed potent rhythms for divine women.

It’s because our soul’s colors—the purposes of our Spirit—are even more radiant and charged when brought to light during cosmic windows like the new and full moon days of the moon cycle. During these times, our creative desires are held in the sacred arms of love and downloaded with higher amounts of energy.  We intimately feel the wind at our back, and as we do, we can more readily connect to our Creator Selves.

It’s kind of like being magicians with a mic.

When we align our human wants with our soul destiny, from the farthest reaches of the Universe, we’re heard.

Like, big time.

Stop right now and read that again! With all this star-power available to us, the aligning part is the secret to enjoying the process. This (especially to the divine feminine) is the whole. glorious. point.

And the first (super big) step to aligning our humanity with our soul destiny? Set an intention of the heart! (I’ve got something to help you do just that. See image below, or click here to download your free moon-powered ritual.)

So, let this new moon in Virgo be an opportunity to truly love where you are in life while also loving who you are becoming.  

Without a single lick of judgment.

That’s the mastery part and the shadow side of Virgo. As women with big dreams and even bigger potential to carry them out, we CRAVE perfection.  We so easily get stuck in the details of the ‘how’ and lose sight of the holy magic we already possess!

pink tweet LOVE your desire for things to be perfect. Trust in its divine source.  Instead of going crazy for order in your outer world, focus on your hunger for the inner perfection of your soul’s grand purpose.

And in the process, don’t forget how grand you already are!


In joy + new moon wonder, 




p.s. I post fun + sacred rituals on the regular. If you’re in the Denver area, I host them too. Either way, go here if you want to get more access to these divinely feminine treats.










When will you be enough?



Sister, I have something I’d like to say to you. 

Come and cozy up with me, because you need to hear this.



You are a glorious wonder.

How the stars bow to your intricate beauty!

Flesh, soul, love-in-form.

Entire universes spiral between your cells, your fingertips, your sighs.

All that is inside of you

is held



by All That Is.

And I,

I am softer because you speak.

I am bigger because you see.

I am found because you love.


Return to these words, my love. Again and again, let the truth wash over you when you feel like you’re not there yet.  Look in the mirror and explore the world beyond the magazines, the gurus, the seemingly-perfect Instagram people.

Look up in the night sky. Find a star and feel how in awe it is of you.

The unfiltered you. The cosmic you.

Yes, you.


In joy + endless wonder,





Mirrors, Supermoons, and Personal Power


MIRRORS If you’re one to pay attention to the lunar cycles and how they affect your life and personal work, you already know how much Supermoons stir up a lot of buzz.

I think it’s because it has the word Super in front of it.

Nonetheless, it’s an exciting window to ride the waves (tsunamis?) of energy and peer into what’s going on inside of us. Strange and surprising emotions come out of hiding, we feel a little undone, and there are always, always new ways that we learn to love up on ourselves.

Personally, though?

I love tuning in to the moon’s magic because, as Superwomen, we are gorgeous givers. We are always pouring out, meeting needs, kissing boo-boos, you know – changing the world. We’re minding our hero-business in full speed and then BAM! A Supermoon comes along and holds itself up as a cosmic mirror, showing us how we actually look while we’re out there in the world.

The outrageous energetic surge is actually moonlighting (the pun, the pun!) as a graceful invitation from the Divine to look deep within.

If we’ve been out of balance, giving more than we are taking in, that can get aligned lickety-split with this energy. Or, if we’ve been victim-y and waiting for something to show up without doing the yang-slash-kicking ass work, we can see that and let the light of the moon transform us.

Key word: letting.

It’s an art form for lady luminaries like us.  We’ve got the doing down-pat. When the moon and our emotions ride high, staying with them, and loving all that is illuminated with an unconditional fierceness is some serious mastery for personal power.

So let all your light be seen, especially during this famous weekend of Supermooning. I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating.  Head here and answer this question:

What’s your personal Supermoon ritual? How will you be spending the time loving yourself?

See you there!

In joy + wonder,




p.s. If you love practices of self-reflection, I have another kind of mirror for you that would flow perfectly with the full moon energy.  It’s called the F.U.N. Assessment and it’s totally free.  Get it here!